What’s the Type of Aluminum Foil Bag You Think?

Aluminum foil packaging bag is an important packaging material in the composite plastic flexible packaging, it has many advantages in terms of plastic packaging, and each plastic packaging bag manufacturer is constantly developing new aluminum foil packaging bag types as well as processes.

Aluminum foil packaging bags have many advantages, such as light avoidance, which ordinary PE nylon composite plastic packaging bags do not have the characteristics. Aluminum foil packaging bags are also oil-barrier, which greatly expands their range of applications. At the same time, because of the smooth, bright, and clean surface of aluminum foil packaging bags, the printing effect is good and is the first choice for many goods packaging. So, aluminum foil packaging bags are generally available at present what bag type and packaging style?

  • Three-side seal bag. This is the simplest kind of aluminum foil packaging bag, also the most commonly used bag type. It should be noted that the current width of more than 85CM aluminum foil packaging bags only certain specific plastic packaging bag manufacturers can be customized, most small plastic packaging bag manufacturers can not process wider aluminum foil packaging bags.
  • Quad side gusset bag. The characteristics of it are in roughly the same volume, greatly increasing the capacity of the bag.
  • Flat bottom bag. It has five printing pages, sufficient space to describe the product, and product information displayed more completely, which is widely used in tea packaging bags, cat food, dog food packaging bags, and other fields.
  • Zipper bag (zip lock bag). The biggest feature of the bag with a zipper is that it can be reused, which is convenient for consumers to preserve the goods inside the bag, especially in food packaging, aluminum foil zipper bags are very widely used.
  • Stand-up bag. The pouch with a bottom, packaged goods, you can stand on the shelf, most snack bags use aluminum foil material, and stand-up aluminum foil packaging bags are the most common type of packaging bags.
  • Stand-up zipper pouch. Relative to stand-up pouches with an additional zipper, and is a one-time molding, self-sealing firm, airtight, easy to carry, and easy to use.
  • Abnormity bag. Many times, customers may not use the conventional square bag shape, but design a variety of unique shapes, such as cat food snack bags made into the shape of a kitten, made into the shape of a small fish, which can be realized through the mold to achieve a variety of bag shape to attract consumers’ attention.
  • Center seal bag (back seal bag), is very widely used, general candy, bagged instant noodles, bagged dairy products, etc. are used in this form of packaging.
  • Spout pouch. Commonly used for liquid food and daily chemical products, are easy to pour out and use, such as juice, seasoning products, creams, lotions, shampoos, laundry detergent, etc.

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